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Still Trying 
TOO Hard?
Making money online can feel like swimming against the current.
A whole lot of work … to get NOWHERE.
The Problem Is There Are Too Many Things To Figure Out!
And That’s Not All ... 
You Still Have To Figure Out
If You’re Stuck,
 It’s Not
 Your Fault !
Old School Online Marketing Methods Are
Every “traditional” make money online method has ONE thing in common:
YOU do all the work.
YOU create content, websites, audiences and social followings
YOU learn new softwares, skills and marketing tactics
YOU constantly struggle to get enough traffic
It’s BS. Isn’t technology supposed to make our lives EASIER?
Finally There’s A Better Way
Just Go With The Flow 
With High Ticket Siphon, it’s never been easier to make PASSIVE 4 figure
commissions, from OTHER PEOPLE’S products, efforts AND traffic!
Imagine Bringing In $1000 + Commissions
all the traffic you need is ALREADY out there. Now you can simply siphon it with one click for personal profit!

From OTHER PEOPLE’S Products
there are multiple vendors happy to pay you $1000 commissions. High Ticket Siphon sets these up FOR you.

you don’t need to learn ANYTHING new. This system plugs you into premium products from experts that do the selling for you.
This ISN’T About Hard Work Or Reinventing The Wheel
Instead It’s The LAZIEST
4 Figure Payday Model Ever
Hands-Free Traffic
Effortlessly LIBERATE and MONETIZE virtually unlimited traffic, WITHOUT constantly running campaigns or creating a word of content.
Hands-Free $1,000 Commissions
High Ticket Siphon integrates with DFY premium, top-converting offers.

You can bank up to 1K commissions per sale!
Hands-Free Automation
INCLUDED is our cutting edge software & step-by-step guidance for automating everything from traffic to commissions.
That This Breakthrough System Delivers
With High Ticket Siphon, it’s never been easier to make PASSIVE 4 figure
commissions, from OTHER PEOPLE’S products, efforts AND traffic!
3 STANDOUT Features
That Make This Method Bullet Proof
#1 DFY From Start To Commissions
You get automation software for DFY traffic.
We monetize that traffic FOR YOU with $1,000 commission offers that you’re pre-approved for.
There’s nothing to figure out: just plug in for the FASTEST results you’ve ever seen.

#2 Truly Passive Income
High Ticket Siphon is the ultimate passive profit machine … because once you switch on the traffic, it keeps coming with ZERO ongoing effort!
#3 Untapped Traffic For Unlimited Profit Potential
Hardly anyone is leveraging this specific traffic goldmine & there’s practically no competition.

So you can tap in to make game changing profits for YEARS to come! 
The Simplest, Most RELIABLE 4+ Figure
Payday System On The Planet . Period.
Powerful automated software, floods of buyer traffic & integrated
high ticket offers put this in a class of its own
Why waste your time, money & effort on things that aren’t getting results …
and that honestly no one needs ??!!

The internet doesn’t need more content, websites or products …  
and YOU don’t need the headaches of making them.

Using other people’s assets, you can be set up for easy commissions 24/7  
in just MINUTES from right now
Waiting days, weeks or even months for results
Settling for puny $8 commissions
Wasting another second or dollar on UNPROVEN “methods”
High Ticket Siphon CHANGES THE GAME for anyone  after easy 4+ figure commissions. 
With revolutionary traffic software & integrated high ticket offers,
it’s a breakthrough passive income solution.
All-In-One income system
100% beginner friendl
Time tested results
Doesn’t Matter If You’re Brand New Or A Busy Marketing Pro ...
 High Ticket Siphon is as EASY
as it gets!! IN JUST 3 STEPS
Then When You Want To Scale
Just Rinse And Repeat
The System Does It FOR YOU!
With High Ticket Siphon, you DON’T need to “rinse & repeat” and run new campaigns to scale up …
Because your traffic taps KEEP flowing!

You flip the switch once, then never have to touch it again. 

It’s a whole new world of traffic automation. 
Everything You Need
To Bring In Big Time Commissions Fast
Automation Software Drives Powerful Buyer Traffic To Your Money Links
Unlimited high-powered traffic on autopilot!

This software finds you “forgotten traffic” from the thousands of domains that expire every day. 

Industry insiders compare these to money waiting to be picked up on the street. 

HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS of daily visitors, ripe to be “siphoned” to your links. 

Unlock all the profitable traffic you’ll ever need with this cutting edge software. 
DFY Pre-Approved HIGH TICKET Commission Offers
Because $1,000 paydays ROCK!

Sure, 1K commissions feel great when they hit your account, but here’s something most people don’t know: 

Because of superior marketing & product quality … high paying offers almost always convert WAY BETTER than low ticket offers.

So you can make much higher commissions, more often!
Step-By-Step Video Tutorials To Shortcut Your Success
Maximum Results In The SHORTEST Time!

High Ticket Siphon is a remarkably simple system, but we’re leaving no stone unturned. 

You’ll be walked through how to use the traffic software & sync the included high ticket offers. 

Plus bonus training shows you how to get the best possible results today, tomorrow and long term! 
3 Reasons
High Ticket Siphon Is LIGHT YEARS AHEAD
Of Any Other Affiliate Commission Method
The Traffic Is Easy, Fast, And CONSTANT
The High Ticket Siphon traffic is a goldmine.

Because many expired domains still rank in search engines, 
AND people still have them bookmarked ...

This traffic is ALREADY flowing and keeps on coming. 

Plus, it’s completely untapped by digital marketers. 
Only a tiny percentage of SEO experts leverage this traffic the way we show you.

Consumer traffic with wallets in hand … 
Yours in minutes by pulling a switch …
It doesn’t get any better than this!
The High Paying Offers Convert Like Gangbuste
Smart marketing is about making the most money in the shortest time.

With High Ticket Siphon, you’re pre-approved for premium offers that pay $1,000 commissions .... 

So you can bank WAY more than you would pushing $10 products. 

These hand-selected offers have been battle-tested in our own campaigns. 
They convert like crazy, to turn as much of your traffic into commissions as possible.
The Laziest HIGH COMMISSION Profit Model That Exists
With High Ticket Siphon, you profit completely on the efforts of others:
  • Their traffic
  • Their products
  • Their marketing
You don’t “create” a single thing … and in fact you hardly “do” anything at all.
Unlike ANY other commission income method, High Ticket Siphon’s traffic is
truly set & forget. Once you turn it on, you don’t have to touch a thing.

No “daily check ins” or “new campaigns” required. Just a nonstop flow of converting traffic to put more commissions in your pocket 
Plus We’re Going To Sweeten The Deal With These
EXCLUSIVE Bonuses Worth Thousands
*** HURRY … Bonuses Only Available For A Limited Time ***
Bonus #1
Access to All Our Products
We want to make this a "no brainer" for you, so we are including FE access to all our products. 

This is an incredible collection of traffic apps & make money methods to help your journey.
Bonus #2
High Ticket Training
We have sold this previously for $1,997, and it was worth it to people that bough it at that price. 

I go through personally the best ways to land high ticket sales on demand. 
Bonus #3
Agency Rights
Normally, "agency rights" is sold as an upgrade, but in this case we are giving it to you complimentary. 

Now you have an additional way to make money with "High Ticket Siphon" 

Increase your client sales with this free bonus that comes included for free with your investment.
The High Ticket Siphon Unconditional 
100% Money Back Guarantee
Enjoy High Ticket Siphon for 30 days completely risk-free.

Exploit the traffic software and included high-paying offers to your full advantage. 

Use the training to get the most out of the system. 

If you have any questions - technical or otherwise - our friendly support team has you covered. 

We’re extremely confident you’ll love how High Ticket Siphon practically automates  
the traditional setup involved in banking 4+ figure commissions.

But in the unlikely event you’re not blown away, or change your mind for any reason, let us know within 30 days for a full refund. You can even keep the bonuses as a gesture of our appreciation. 

You win either way.

So now that you know you’re covered, check out High Ticket Siphon yourself completely risk free.
Look - There’s No Pressure ...
But Fair Warning: This Is A Time Sensitive Offer
We’d love to keep this offer open indefinitely, but that’s not reality.

Because for High Ticket Siphon users to get the BEST results, we need to limit access.

That way you’ll ALWAYS be able to grab unlimited traffic with the software … 
And the built-in $1000 commission offers will keep converting better than anything else on the market.

So once we reach a set number of ACTIVE users … 
Action takers like you who actually use the system to profit …

We’ll close access to make sure this continues to be a long term solution for everyone. 

Right now you can get full access for a launch-only discount. 

One low cost with no rebills, ever … we’ll even waive the standard annual charge of maintaining the traffic software. 

With this amazing discount and money back guarantee, the only risk to you is not to pick it up, then regret it later. 

So lock in your license by clicking below and get started now. 
Answers To Frequently Asked Questions
Q. I’ve seen a few other “Big Ticket” affiliate methods. What makes this different  and better? 
A. You need 2 things to do really great in affiliate marketing:
Fantastic traffic and top converting offers.

Many other systems don’t include traffic at all, or it’s just an afterthought. 
With High Ticket Siphon, the software taps you into the best traffic you can get online.

Plus these high-paying offers convert incredibly well. We’ve tested dozens of offers in our own campaigns, and found these are the best of the best. 

So with High Ticket Siphon, you get the best traffic plus the best offers for an unbeatable combination. 
Q. Won’t I at least need a website, autoresponder and YouTube channel? 
A. Not with High Ticket Siphon you won’t!
The whole point of this system is to leverage OTHER people’s products, traffic & skills.

So you won’t be wasting time or money on websites, traffic, emails, product creation, videos or anything else. 
Q. Is this REALLY beginner friendly? 
A. Absolutely and we’re not just saying that.
Think about it: unlike ANY other program, with this you don’t have to “create” or “build” a single thing.

Which means no technical experience or skills are needed. The simple steps to connect the dots are covered in over the shoulder video tutorials. 

If you can get online, you can do this! 
Q. How much time does this take? 
A. This will always vary from one user to another. All we can say is that most of our beta testers were seeing results within 30 minutes of logging in.

Even if it takes you a little longer, remember: there’s no daily maintenance with this. 
Once the traffic is flowing, it keeps on going … so it’s a truly set and forget solution.